Why You Should Get Your Leaking Toilet Repaired Immediately

Leaking toilet is a nightmare that every house owners experience. But in terms of house nuisances, leaking toilets are a minor inconvenience. Nevertheless, if ignored, this problem could balloon up into a major work that is not only a hassle but also an expensive restoration.

Since leaking toilets are only a marginal annoyance which is actually only experienced when using the toilet, some homeowners procrastinate in getting it repaired or actually resort into doing it themselves. DIY is advisable but only for a temporary fix. It is still recommended to get an experienced plumber to be sure. Ignoring the problem is a more troublesome approach and the below reasons will prove that you should get your leaking toilet repaired as soon as you noticed it.

It Will Be More Costly In The Future

The moment you notice there is a pool of water on the floor of your bathroom even if no one took a shower yet, there is a probability that your toilet is leaking. If the floor around it felt squishy or the tiles are aloft, leaks are present somewhere in between the toilet and the drain line. If this leak is not repaired immediately, the floor surface will rot. Your water bill will surely increase too since the toilet is constantly refilling itself with water, ready for flushing.

It’s Unsanitary

If the water leaking from the toilet is coming from the bottom, this is dirty water which was in the bowl and might have odor and waste. This is unsanitary and will result in mildew and mould problems. It might also be the cause of infection and or provide a breeding ground for bacteria.

It’s Smelly

Since the leak might come from the toilet bowl directly, this water is actually sewage. Do not let your family be exposed to sewage water and have someone check this leak immediately. In fact, Smelly leaking toilets that give off a stench of sulfur or rotten eggs is also a sign that the water is contaminated. Toilets emitting foul odors are also a cause of embarrassment especially when guests are coming in to visit.

It’s Dangerous

Once your toilet started leaking, your bathroom floor will constantly be wet and a puddle which is sometimes unnoticeable might be the cause for someone to slip and break a hip or a minor concussion. Bathroom floors should be maintained and kept dry when it is not being used since accidents such as these are common. Water damage is also known to be the cause for building and foundation materials to weaken. This is more dangerous if the leaking toilet is on the second floor since there is a possibility of the toilet collapsing through floors. Electrocution is also possible especially if there are any outlets, protected and exposed wires, switches and or electrical appliances near the area where there is a leak.

Address toilet leaks immediately. Eve minor plumbing issue such as this could turn into a major problem if not repaired instantly. The more you ignore the problem, the more it will worsen. A slight drip today might be an overflow tomorrow.




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