Things That Affect How We Use Our Outdoor Spaces And What You Can Do To Eliminate Them

Sometimes, life deals us with luxuries we have no idea how to deal with. A home with a spacious garden is such a luxury. Here are 5 common reasons that keep us away from our spacious garden, and what you can do to eliminate those issues…

Your Outdoor Space Lacking The Privacy You Crave

Rubbernecking neighbors and a garden exposed to the road can be a nightmare; no matter how safe an area your neighborhood happens to be. This is also one of the major reasons why people tend to avoid their garden, even on glorious summer days when the outdoors just calls to them. To ensure you get sufficient privacy from the road, put up privacy fences that suit your liking. Grow thick bushes or trees in the border between your home and the neighbors to discourage their rubber necking. Unless they have a higher viewpoint, this should keep your business within your home.

TIP: if you’re concerned about privacy fences robbing you of natural light, opt for a fence that lets in the light, yet leaves nothing to be seen.

Uncomfortable Outdoor Furniture

Rolling on the grass when you want to sunbathe a little is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us prefer the luxury of a comfortable sun bed when baking under the sun. The same can be said for porch swings, reading benches etc. If the weather permits, keep plenty of cushions outdoors so that you can truly relax in your outdoor furniture. Egg chairs are trending nowadays, thanks to that feeling of being cocooned when seated in them…

The Ground Is Uneven, Thus Preventing You From Having Space For Any Furniture

Whether you use your garden to workout, sunbathe, play with your kids or put your clothes out to dry, one thing is vital to have; and that is an even ground. Without an even ground, you’ll find it hard to do any of the above with ease, resulting in you avoiding the garden altogether. One of the best tips have for you is to even out the ground professionally. Take care of leftover roots and stumps from your tree clearings as well and hire professionals to do stump grinding Brisbane southside. Additionally, also consider putting down a paved stone path to make accessing the garden easier.

Not Having Sufficient Shade To Keep You Cool And Comfortable

The harsh rays of the sun are nothing to take lightly nowadays. Heat strokes and dehydration are both very serious matters; and you can easily be subjected to this if you stay under the direct sun for prolonged overs without protection. Installing a shade for your porch, or even over your garden furniture is a great idea if your part of the world receives plenty of sunshine all year long. In addition, it is always best to wear sunscreen; even if you’re only going to be working in the garden for a few hours…

Fear Of Insects And Critters

Not all of us are fond of gardening, and the major reason for this is the fear of insects and critters. Whether you fear squirrels, rodents or cats, there are plenty of sprays that keep the animals away. Pesticides work pretty well for protecting the plants against insects as well. In addition, you could also consider planting a few plants that animals don’t like in general like Marigolds or Daffodils. 




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