Mistakes Brands Make That Can Hurt a Business

As an entrepreneur or even a manager, you really need to know what actions can hurt or pull a brand to success. Today, there are great examples of both situations that we see clearly, especially when it comes to advertising on social media. Consumers are intelligent, vocal and opinionated more than ever before and one false move is all it takes sometimes to offend the masses and hurt your business. Here are some mistakes that brands make unknowingly but will end up hurting the business.

Inappropriate Advertising

Inappropriate advertising can happen in a few different ways. One way is if you are doing this yourself and have not done enough research on what you should and should not do. The other way is if you have chosen the wrong professionals for the job who are not skilled and knowledgeable enough. Based on where your business is, do a search on the internet for online marketing companies in Australia or any other country and read the portfolios and testimonies on each of the results that you choose to study. Look at hiring only and only a successful and reliable firm for the purpose. If you are going to do the advertising yourself gather all the information that you need and learn any skills that you may have to first.

Copying Campaigns and Other Content

You know what is worse than a badly executed campaign? A campaign that is a blatant rip-off. Even if the concept is not directly copied, if it has somewhat of a striking similarity to a campaign that has been pulled off by another brand before, you will simply become the copycat brand and that is never a good idea for your image. Even if you are competing with another brand, keep things transparent and sophisticated and never attempt to attack another brand. Healthy competition is good but not something that is considered a low blow. The more professional you are the better respect your brand will receive.

Over Advertising

Yes, there is something called over-advertising. You know those really irksome posts and news items that you get on your newsfeed all the time? Or those brands that keep clogging up your entire wall with their tagging and posting? That is cutting it very close to spamming a consumer and chances are that they will either report you or do the easy thing and simply block and un-follow you. That would be the last that you hear of that customer who could otherwise have become a loyal follower of your brand. There is no need for you to post and share something every day, twice a day. You simply need to follow up on your analytics and figure out the best days and times to post so that you are able to simply share something appropriately that the consumer will also enjoy and not feel harassed by. Also remember that tagging should only be done if needed and has a point to it. Do not randomly tag customers, they may not like it.




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