Create an Extra Space with Portable Buildings

Portable buildings are available in a range of sizes, materials, colours, and styles. Very often portable buildings do not have to comply with the same laws apply for permanent structures, so installing it is pretty efficient and easy. They are durable, portable, long-lasting, efficient and cost-effective. You can either purchase or rent a portable building when required. Different types of portable buildings have different uses, it all depends on the purpose of having it there.

Temporary Classrooms

If your school, university or educational institute is under renovation or construction, you don’t have to stop going there. Educational institutes can utilize portable classrooms, hence solving overcrowding issues.

Portable Offices

Provide extra space for your growing team by installing portable offices. Portable offices are perfect to be used on a construction site, it can also be used for emergency situations, electric substations and administrative locations. You can either purchase or hire a portable office for the site.

Changing Rooms

These buildings are fitted with boilers and plumbing facilities with showers and sinks and toilets. The ground of the toilets must be laid inside with non-slippery floors and partition walls, perfect to create changing rooms and treatment areas. These are perfect for events and places that include water sports. You must keep in mind that ample changing space must be provided to the guests.

Kitchens and Cafes

State of art kitchens, restaurants and cafes can be opened using portable buildings. You can transform the interior as you desire using a variety of methods. 


Portable buildings can be easily used as shops and stores with the proper lighting and electric work along with sturdy floors and secure doors and windows. These shops can be located anywhere, more preferably in crowded places for more exposure.

Canteens and Toilets

Now you can have canteens and toilets without having to renovate the entire space. Airports, hospital, malls and big buildings can accommodate toilets and canteens. They can also have extra staff rooms with welfare facilities and a drying room for clothes. These rooms can be customized using different electronics like a vending machine, oven or a washing machine.

Storage Space

Ideal for construction sites, agricultural lots and businesses. If you require extra space for storage, portable buildings are the best. Especially during sudden storage circumstances when you cannot afford to make a warehouse or storeroom.

Clubs and Spas

You may not believe it but clubs and spas are also opened up in portable buildings. Clubrooms, community halls, and scouting huts can be arranged in portable buildings.

Anti-Vandal Portable Buildings

An ideal solution for remote locations where vandalism and thefts occur very frequently and is a major problem. Features could include steel window shutters and integrated door locks to determine break-ins.

Training Rooms

These buildings can be used as comfortable teaching and learning environments fitted with specialist equipment. Due to its portability, these training rooms can be transported to different locations as required.

There is no requirement to fuss around to build an extra space today. Portable buildings have filled in the gap and it saves us all from extra expenses and sleepless nights.




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