Cleaning And Sanitizing Your Sex Toys For Your Ultimate Pleasure

Your sex toys need cleaning and sanitizing after every use to ensure that you would not have any infections. You could do it by first knowing which material the sex toy is made out of, removing the batteries when they are not in use, washing and drying them after every use and considering buying a sex toy cleaner when you are pressed on time to properly clean your sex toys before you use them.

Determine First Which Material The Sex Toy Is Made Out Of

Knowing which material would make it easier to know how to clean and sanitize it. Sex toys are usually made out of porous materials (rubber, latex) and non-porous materials (plastic, silicone, metal). The main difference between the two is that sex toys made out of porous materials are more likely to shelter bacteria which could lead to infections if not properly cleaned.

If you are not sure of which material the toy is made out of, check the box or investigate the specifications online. Or if you bought your toy from a physical sex shop, ask the salesperson how you could properly clean your toy.

Remove The Batteries When They Are Not In Use

Think of your sex toys like your other toys; remove the batteries when they are not in use. Not only would this prolong the life of the battery, it would also prevent leakage that could damage your sex toy. Batteries also tend to short circuit which could expedite the life of your battery or heat up. You could also avoid accidentally tossing your sex toy to a bucket of water and soap with the batteries on it when you need to clean it.

Wash And Dry After Every Use

Now that you know which material your toy is used, make sure that you wash and dry it after every use. You have to remember that some of these toys go inside you. You would not want to insert a dildo full of bacteria in to your lady parts right? When you buy buy womens anal toys online also check how to clean and sanitize them. Make sure that you also use cleaning agents that are not full of chemicals. Better to clean it using a soap that is unscented so as not to mess with the pH balance of your lady parts. Try to clean your sex toys too before using it.

Consider Purchasing A Sex Toy Cleaner

You might be surprised to find out that there are sex toy cleaners available in the market. These cleaners are comparable to dry shampoo. But you still have to remember that cleaning it thoroughly with soap and water is still the best way to go.

Storing them when they are not in use is also another way to properly care for your sex toys. Don’t just store them in your bedside drawer which could be full of dust and lint. Keep them in boxes where they come from when you are not using them.




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