Caring For Your Steel Pipes

With the presence of the chemical element chromium, steel pipes are unlikely to corrode and rust. Although this is not always the case especially for steel pipes that are exposed to chemical reactions. Nevertheless, we should still be concerned about how to take care of our steel pipes to ensure that it would serve us for a long time.

Fortunately, prolonging the life of steel pipes is easy. It’s the same as any other material. Keeping it clean, polishing it to provide a layer of protection and preserving it from rusting are the basic steps to taking care of your steel pipes.

Clean Your Steel Pipes Thoroughly

Similar to other things, constant cleaning and upkeep are the answer to prolonging the life of your steel pipe. Steel is like wood because there are some faint lines in it that you have to follow when cleaning. If you would look closely, you will see these lines. Follow the direction of this “grain” when cleaning and or scrubbing to avoid scratching.

Non-abrasive cleaning materials are your best bet. A plastic scouring pad for tougher dirt and a microfiber cloth to rinse out any mild cleaners you have used. This cloth is enough to clean any smudges or smears. Never use steel wool to clean your pipes because it would only scratch the surface.

Polish Your Steel Pipes

After thoroughly cleaning your steel pipes, it is recommended that you polish it to counteract future smudges, to conceal scratches and to give it a shinier, sheen appearance. Polishing steel pipes would not only give it a polished look, it also serves as another layer of protection for your pipes. Using a thin coat of olive oil is recommended.

After application, use a dry cloth to wipe away the excess. This treatment should be done periodically to prolong the life of your steel pipes. You could also apply primer on the steel pipe then apply paint that is designed to be used on metal. By doing so, you are protecting your pipes from scratches and rust. For more tips and tricks on how to prevent steel pipes corrosion, visit a site like

Preventing Rust

After cleaning and polishing your steel pipes, you need to make sure that you are also preventing it from rusting. When rust appears, you have to exert double effort to ensure that the rust would not spread to the whole pipe. One way you could prevent rusting is by removing any stagnant water that pools near the pipe.

This water is preventing the pipe from being “stainless” since the pipe is hindered to produce the chemical element chromium which keeps the pipe from rusting. Wipe it dry as well instead of letting it dry on its own. If you live near seawater, you have to be more careful when it comes to rusting since salt aids in corrosion.

No matter how strong and durable steel pipes are, it is still recommended that you give them extra care and attention. No one wants a busted or a leaking pipe especially pipes that handle our wastewater and sewage.




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