A Newbie’s Ultimate Guide to Buying a Dirt Bike

Thinking of buying a dirt-bike? You can’t just head to the store and pick one up. There are a few things a newbie has to consider. Thankfully for you, we talked everything about them below. Read ahead.

How Powerful Is Its Engine?

How much CC does the bike come with? You may be the owner of a regular motorbike, so you may be thinking that you’d be able to handle a dirt bike that comes with the same engine power. This is not the case. Remember that dirt bikes are much slimmer and agile. A 250-cc dirt bike would be equivalent to a 600-cc regular one.

Beginners are advised to choose a device depending on their weight. Are you above or below 150 pounds? If you’re below, a bike that is 150 cc would be needed. If you weigh more than this, a 250 cc one would be fine.

Try it out

Look at the market. You’ll see all kinds of brands selling the bikes. As they come in a variety of styles and sizes, finding the right one means that you’ll have to try many out.

Don’t be afraid to try multiple, this’ll help you find the perfect one. When test-driving the devices, ride them for a while. You’ll truly know how comfortable they’ll be when off-roading.

Gas vs Electric

The bikes can either be electric or gas powered. Gas ones are the most affordable. They are much more powerful than their electric counterparts.

As it can’t go as fast, an electric dirt bike would be the best for a child or a newbie. There are so many electric options that you’ll have to look around. This’ll help you make the right purchase.

Stay Away from Motor cross Bikes

Beginners are advised to stay away from motor cross bikes. Yes, they are dirt bikes. But they’re meant for experts, as they are primary used to win races. They can be very fast. 

Some dealers may try and sell you motorcross bikes, as they cost more than their regular counterparts.

How’s the Size Difference?

How tall are you? Your weight influences what bike you’ll be able to get, along with your height. Make sure that your feet touch the ground. If they don’t, you’ll find it hard to control the device

When riding through muddy terrain, you might have to lift the vehicle and tip-toe through the mud. Such a thing won’t be possible if you’re too short to carry it.

What’s Your Budget?

You don’t need us to tell you that the bikes can be expensive. Depending on the model you’re interested in, you could pay around $10,000 USD. A little digging would help you find a seller that offers what you’re looking for at the most competitive rate. Don’t be lazy.

Final Thoughts

What did you think about all the points discussed? We talked about some of the many things you’ll have to keep in mind. Although there are more points to consider, the above are the most important. How much you’re willing to spend, and how powerful of an engine you are going to get are the most vital.




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