6 Non-Digital Ways to Promote Your Small Local Business

Advertising these days is done almost exclusively online. While digital ads are highly lucrative and generate excellent leads, these are not sufficient for all circumstances. Namely, some customer segments are still better served with traditional ways of advertising. This is particularly true for local SMEs. If you are the owner of a hyper local business, here are several traditional ways you can advertise:

Buy Ads in a Local Newspaper or Magazine

Small townships and niche readers still rely on physical newspapers and magazines to learn about affairs that happen in their immediate vicinity. Therefore, traditional newspaper advertising can still be worth it if your customer segments overlap with the readership. So don’t entirely overlook buying ads in small, local papers.

In addition, consider advertising in magazines that cater to enthusiasts of a particular subject. Subscribers and dentist’s office readers do form customer bases for local stores. If your company specialises in the subject, do consider magazines that cater to your customer base.

Pimp a Ride

Run a small business that offers local services, like window cleaning or plumbing? Then try to be seen by customers with highly visual and physical ads. Consider solutions like vehicle and truck signage, which can promote a service company all over the town. Local customers don’t always Google everything. But they may Google your company’s name if they remember it from seeing around town.

Flyers Still Work

Flyers are an excellent form of advertising and promotion for reaching out to niche customer segments. People may not read flyers everywhere like they used to. But they will look at flyers posted in the waiting area of the local supermarket or at the school. In the digital advertising world, flyers may seem primitive, but they get the job done with hyper local markets.

However, keep in mind that location is key for having flyers work. The right location will depend on your target customer base. But the usual spots that grab local attention, like the bulletin board at the supermarket, may very well work.

Rent Billboard Space

If your business can spare the cash, a billboard advertisement is an excellent way to promote some types of local businesses. Use a billboard when you really want to catch a local customer’s attention. This works remarkably well for certain businesses, such as legal services, vet care, or speciality shops.

Companies in the tourism industry can benefit as well. Even though most tourists look up accommodation online, it still helps to get your hotel’s name up front. When newcomers arrive, they may see what you offer up on a billboard. Your brand can easily skip the online ranking wards and directly reach potential customers this way.

Do a Press Release

Press releases are worthwhile even for smaller businesses that have important things to declare. Press releases are intended for journalists. If they see a “hook” or a story idea in your press release, they would want to interview you and perhaps profile your business. This is not just free advertising, this is acquiring high credibility.

Don’t give into just the digital overload. Use the above tactics to promote your company in old but trustworthy ways.




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