5 Sex Tips for Long-Distance Couples

One of the greatest challenges for long-distance relationships is the distance itself. Sure you can talk or chat anywhere you are with the help of the internet but there is still something missing – physical connection. When you are apart, you miss all that physical intimacies such as kissing, cuddling, holding hands and sex. The longer you are apart, the more you crave for that physical intimacy that you and your partner haven’t shared which makes it a bit of a challenge if you want to keep things hot. There’s no need to worry anymore because here are some techniques you can try on to keep that fire of desire burning even when you’re apart.

Talk Openly

Communication is essential in every relationship, especially on long-distance ones. This doesn’t just refer on regular chats or calls but on other aspects too such as your sexual needs, desires and feelings. Don’t forget to ask you partner too and listen to what he or she has to say. If both of you are feeling more adventurous, why not try out intimate activities that you can do while apart? This way, both of you can work together in keeping the passion and craving alive.

Incorporate Sex Toys

Sex toys aren’t just for those who are close to each other. Long-distance couples can also enjoy these things with the help of technology, no matter how far they are from each other. Remote-controlled sex toys are popular among those who are in a long-distance relationship in keeping their sex life hot and alive. Simply sync it with your partner for a more interactive experience. Shop only at your trusted XXX adult shop for the latest and quality sex toys delivered straight to your doorstep for a convenient and confidential shopping.


If one or both of you are still uncomfortable with sex toys or video sex, sexting is the best way to start up. You may try sending a spontaneous chat with a hint of sexiness to spark your partner’s interest. Regular sexting is also a great way to keep your intimacy alive even if you’re miles apart. You can start with subtle chats and gradually build up until you’re both feeling comfortable doing it. This way, you’re building up that sexual craving and nobody knows what you can do when you meet again.

Sexy Photos

Of course, sexy photos will never be out of the list. A saucy selfie sent at a spontaneous time is perfect to spark your partner’s desire and craving for you. Keeping an album of your partner’s juicy selfies surely comes in handy during those times when you just miss each other so much. Just make sure to send it to the right recipient.

Fulfil Your Sexual Needs

Long-distance or not, you still have a responsibility to fulfil your own sexual needs especially if you’re partner missed to do so. Aside from keeping those sexual desires alive, you also build up anticipation which is a perfect aphrodisiac once you’re see each other again.

It takes effort to maintain sexual intimacy in long-distance relationships. However, everything is worth it once you give it a shot.




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