4 Tips for Making a Successful Video Advertisement

Video ads convert better than both text and image ads and it’s really not hard to see why. They’re more entertaining and can hold your attention for longer. So if you’re a small business, the proper video advertisement can essentially help bring greater attention to your brand.

The opposite can be true as well. A poorly-produced video or one that sends the wrong message can lead to your brand garnering a bad reputation. While large corporations can hire professional PR companies to deal with the fallout, small business may not have the means to push through it.

Therefore, if you’re planning to produce a video advertisement, make sure you do it right the first time. Here are some excellent tips to help you out:

Keep It Brief

These days, people rarely have a long attention span. Hence, if you want to produce a video advertisement you must keep it brief, preferably within the 90 – 120 minute range. This shouldn’t be hard if the product or service you’re promoting is pretty straightforward.

Don’t lengthen the video with unnecessary information. Stick to the point and you should be good.

Don’t Force Humour

Funny ads are arguably the most memorable types, which is why a lot of businesses try to inject humour into theirs. While it’s okay to make humour a goal, you shouldn’t try to force it. First of all think about whether humour is appropriate for your brand or the particular message you’re trying to send. For instance it might be okay to include some witty remarks on a car commercial, it could be inappropriate for an ad about cancer or drunk driving.

In addition, forced jokes can actually be rather unfunny and make the entire video seem awkward. Hence it’s best to only include jokes if it aligns with your brand and the premise supports it.

Centre the Message around the Product

Take a look at the script for the commercial and take stock of just how much is directly relevant to the product. Are there any filler content? For instance, is there a pointless break dancing segment or a joke that doesn’t really fit? If so, you would do well to cut them out and replace them with something that focuses more on what you’re trying to promote.

If you’re having trouble with the script, the right video production services Brisbane agency can help.

Keep the Language Simple and Clear

Keywords that may seem common to you may go over the viewer’s head. This is particularly true of industry jargon. For instance, if you’re in the financial industry, the term ‘hedge’ might seem like an everyday word to you but the average person will not know what it means. Hence, always make sure to replace jargon with simpler vocabulary.

The same goes for abbreviations. Terms like ‘ETF’ and ‘DJIA’ may be seem like Greek to your viewers so always remember to either unpack them or provide a sufficient explanation.

Video advertisements, especially ones that stick to the above tips can truly help a business gain the spotlight.




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